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About Us

Nantong Ocean Water Conservancy Engineering Co. ,Ltd (NTOC)established in 1998, has a port and waterway construction General Contractor Class-B qualification, housing construction contractor qualification and steel structure engineering qualification. Our company has fixed assets of RMB 1.02 billion. Now the major business of NTOC are composed of port and waterway engineering, wharfs, docks,  offshore wind farm installation, submarine cable laying and dredging, foundation and infrastructure and other supporting projects such as shipbuilding and ship repair, large-scale steel structure manufacturing.

The company has a professional technical team, which has 310 professional and technical engineers, including 12 senior technical title engineers, 94 mid-level titles engineers. Meanwhile there are more than 700 mid-level technicians and skilled workers.

The company is well-equipped with various types of coastal construction ships: jack-up wind power installation vessels, multi-functional wind power installation ships, pipe laying ships, operation and maintenance ships, concrete mixing ship, crane, piling ship, multi-anchor shallow draft boats, construction drainage board ship, the big Dipper wheel dredgers, grab dredgers, tugs, ships and other more than 60 vessels. In addition, the company also owns variousequipment, including multiple sets of excavators, crawler cranes, auto cranes, various types of hydraulic piling hammers as well as several sets of GPS global positioning system and other measuring equipment. Furthermore, the company has more than 4000 tons of imports of steel sheet pile, 2000 tons of bailey structure and ancillary construction equipment.

Over the years, the company had participated hundreds of engineering projects such as port and waterway construction, water conservancy,energy, transportation, infrastructure and other engineering projects. The company had also took part in the thermal power (hydroelectric) construction, Tianwan nuclear power plant, West-East Gas, channel Yellow River to Shanxi Province, the Yangtze Estuary Deepwater Channel Regulation first, second and third phase projects. In recent years, NTOC has completed the Cosco Shanghai International Shipping center Yangshan deep-water first and second phase projects, Ningbo-Nanjing crude oil pipeline submarine laying projects, Su Tong Bridge projects, Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway Electrification projects, Nanjing Da Sheng Guan Bridge, Hebei Caofeidian Road Embankment engineering,Tiansheng port power plant circulating water intake and drainage project and other medium-sized construction key projects. For years, the company is committed to continuously expand the field of construction and has involved in port and waterway engineering construction in Middle East which accumulated a large number of overseas engineering construction and organization and management experiences and attracted a large number talents who have overseas experience in project management, and further enhance the company's strengths.

In 2009, NTOCentered the field of offshore wind farm construction and successfully completed the construction of wind jacket foundation, wind equipment installation and submarine cable laying for the world first intertidal test wind farm Jiangsu Longyuan Rudong 30MW intertidal test wind power farm project and 150MW offshore (intertidal) demonstration wind farm project. The wind power installation facilities and the completions value ranks NTOCin a leading position in the offshore wind power installation industry. The company has invested three jack-up wind farm installation ships and imported IHC 600、1400、2000、3000 hydraulic piling hammers and has several multi-pile and single pile production lines. We are building 10000 tons pipe laying vessel of unlimited navigation to expand offshore 220KV cable laying business. The company is devoted to provide whole chain service to clients.